Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD)

I absolutely love this program!

Many services "out there" focuses on just training or just support services for the disabled child but CARD focuses on the child, the parent, the training, support services and social events.  They understand the need for all of the above.

CARD is a FREE community based program funded by the Florida Legislature. Establish in 1993 at the University of South Florida in Tampa, this community based program will visit your home to provide individual consultations as well as information on services, support groups and social events. 
Click on the following link for more information  http://card-usf.fmhi.usf.edu/index.asp

AND I encourage you to take a look at the events schedule under "services".  Don't under-estimate the power of fun...the first time I took my son to see Santa,  he laughed the entire time.
Jossie E