Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vision and Mission

I know first hand that living with a child or adult with a disability can be a joy and a challenge.  My son Joel was diagnosed autistic in 1992 and my only wish, once I knew there was no cure, was to ensure he had a happy and productive life.  However, finding the resources, guidance, support and encouragement I needed to help my son was practically non-existent.  In 1992, autism was still a great mystery to the medical community.  I have experienced the sorrows of his set backs and the joys of his progressions and I am proud to say that he will be celebrating his 22nd birthday this coming May.

A few days ago, as I was speaking with a 26 year old mother of an autistic child, I realized that my experience, however different, could be a useful source of information. 

On my site I hope to provide current, valuable and useful information to families dealing with children and adults with Autism and related disabilities.  I will posts informational articles, personal essays and interview professionals in their field in an effort to provide current information for today's parent.

Included on my blog will be local links to help families in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, find the resources needed for respite care, school and community support and guidance as well as community outings and local events. 

To a successful journey!
Jossie E

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  1. What a great idea starting this blog and thank you for inviting me. I have a relative with aspergers so I am always looking at articles that will help me understand.