Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating Milestones

In 1987, at the tender age of 24 and married for only 2 years, I became enamorada with the idea of having children and a legacy.

Who would of thought that I would be so lucky as to get pregnant around my birthday! Nine months after that 24th birthday, my eldest son Joseph was born and the following year, Joel came along.  My boys were fortunate to experience life's wonders together and I was/am fortunate to be a part of it all.

Last week my autistic son Joel celebrated his 22nd Birthday and next week he graduates from high school! This birthday and graduation marks two huge milestones in his life and ours.  We are having the most amazing time wrapping our heads around the thought of Joel walking on stage, wearing his royal blue cap and gown and matching tassel that we just can't stop talking about it and I can't stop smiling.

At my dining room table, stories of Joel's first year in school makes us laugh out loud and stories of Joel's much improved behavior makes us silent in amazement.

So, to commemorate both milestones and considering this Memorial Day falls after his birthday but a few days before his graduation, I decided to have a Memorial Day BBQ in his honor and include all of his favorites (and ours).

Our celebration will include...
-red/white/blue hand written keep sake invitations for family & friends;
-balloons, noise makers and decorations through out the house and back yard;
-a menu of grilled chicken, macaroni salad, arroz amarillo con habichuelas coloradas (red beans & yellow rice...Joel's favorite dish) and all staples of a Memorial Day BBQ (ribs, burgers & hot dogs, baked beans, salads & apple pie);
-a wild variety of music (salsa, Latin jazz and Joel's favorite movie "The Scorpion King" playing in the background LOL);
-Finally, loads of hugs, kisses and love. What can be better than that!

Happy Birthday Joel!   and  Happy Memorial Day to all!

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